About Us

Whether you’re interested in Fashion, Acting, Architecture, or more, the Academy of Art has the art and design programs to fit your passion. You’ll learn from industry experts and have access to the technology, equipment, and facilities to prepare you for a career..

About Institution

Academy of Art Institute offers its students access to world-class equipment including, cameras, lighting equipment, photography, studio spaces, green-screen rooms, and telecine studios.

The domain of art is ever fascinating. People come to this field with the aspiration of attaining money, fame and self-satisfaction. This can be made possible only through excellent knowledge of art. Because it is only through knowledge that the genius have been able to prove themselves. This especially applies to areas that are performance related, like music, dance sports or painting. Excellent performance in such fields is not dependent on degrees, but on right knowledge and right knowledge can come only through a good teacher. This has been the rule of the world since eternity.

Why we are?

It remains a fact, though, that a good student will find a teacher and knowledge no matter where one is. That is, any institute can equally help a good student in realizing one’s potential

If any aspiring artist, for any reason cannot secure a seat in any of the chosen institutes of the country, then one can come to Arts Institute. We leave no stone unturned to help one achieve success in the field of art. Our results can be compared to that of any other institute of the country. This college has trained more than 5000 students from 40+ different countries in the nuances of art and helped them begin their journey on the path of success.

Our team is our asset

Our innovative and talented faculty bring their rich professional background to the classroom. With a low student-to-faculty ratio, they’ll be your teachers as well as your mentors, collaborators, and industry connections.

A world-class institution requires world-class staff—passionate, talented people who think outside the box, drawing from their own unique experiences to forge new insights, innovative ideas, and ambitious goals for the future. We strive to attract, select, and develop the world’s most talented staff and are committed to ensuring equal opportunity in all aspects of employment..